Issue 7 - Intimacy

Issue 7 – Intimacy

Issue 7 is here at last, with our thoughts on Luxuria Superbia, Saints Row IV, Beyond: Two Souls and Gone Home.

Issue 6 - Learning

Issue 6 – Learning

Issue 6 of Haywire is here at last, covering the lessons learned in games, from games and by working in the space surrounding games. With our look at the folly of Citizen Kane comparisons, two opinions on Lara Croft’s trials…

Issue 5 - Violence

Issue 5 – Violence

In Issue 5 of Haywire, we consider the games industry’s supposed fascination with blood and gore, featuring perspectives on Far Cry 3, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite andĀ FIFA. Plus: Frontline reporting from the trenches of the Console Wars, galactic…

Issue 4 - Challenge

Issue 4 – Challenge

In this short issue, we consider the role of challenge in games, with tales from Proteus, City of Heroes, Antichamber and more. Download it here! Should the file not display properly in your browser, consider reading it locally or over…

Issue 3 - Identities

Issue 3 – Identities

In this issue we consider the role videogames play for our own identity and the portrayal of such matters within the medium. Including our musings on crossplay, the current state of debate, the late addition of same-sex interactions to The…

Issue 2 - Choice

Issue 2 – Choice

In the second full issue of Haywire, we explore the role of choice in virtual worlds.With a tale of sacrifice in the face of undead, an analysis of Max Payne’s final call , our examination of narrative decision-trees and blind…

Issue 1 - Journalism

Issue 1 – Journalism

Following our first experiment, Issue 1 of Haywire is dedicated to exploring the current state of games journalism, with our take on the Mass Effect 3 debate, an analysis of the role press plays in propagating corporate speech, perspectives on…

Issue 0

Issue 0

Our inaugural issue is finally here! With our reportĀ  from Brighton’s Rezzed Con, our contribution to the Kickstarter debate, a preview of Chasing Aurora and more! Download it here. In this issue we discuss The Indie Stone’s Project Zomboid, 22…