Editorial Board


Katriel Paige writes and presents on Japanese culture and media, as well as game development. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Haywire and co-chair of Study of Anime. Like her work? You can support her directly on Patreon.

Managing Editor

Joshua Trevett is a freelancer and the managing editor of Haywire Magazine. He mostly likes art when it’s weird, and that goes double for videogames. His writing can be found in publications like ZEAL and The Arcade Review. For secret reasons, it would be best if you followed him on just two out of these three social media sites: TwitterYouTube, and his blog.

Features Editor

Taylor Hidalgo is a freelance writer, ever longing for work. He’s a fan of the sound of language, the sounds of games, and the sound of deadlines looming nearby. He sometimes says things on Twitter and his website, and has a Patreon if that’s your thing.


Joe Köller founded Haywire, does German correspondence for Critical Distance, and occasionally writes for German sites such as Video Game Tourism, Superlevel, and WASD. You can follow him on Twitter, and support him on Patreon.

Miguel Penabella is a PhD student investigating slow media and game spaces. He is an editor and columnist for Haywire Magazine. His writing has been featured in Kill Screen, Playboy, Waypoint, and Unwinnable, and he blogs on Invalid Memory.

Dakoda Barker is a writer, editor, and researcher. He teaches game design and interactive narrative at the University of the Sunshine Coast, works on his doctoral thesis about representation of chronic health conditions in videogames, and when he can find time, writes his own pieces for places like PC & Tech Authority, Kill Screen, and Impulse Gamer. He procrastinates on Twitter and forgets to continually update his website.

Melissa King writes for FemHypeUnwinnable, and Critical Distance. All questions, concern, and pictures of guinea pigs in cute outfits can be directed to her Twitter.

Jesse Porch is a software developer who enjoys dabbling in videogame scholarship, especially the cultural role of play in ethics, empathy, and relationships. You can find some of his stuff on Haywire, and check out his other work here.

Khee Hoon Chan writes for Unwinnable and freelances in publications like HeterotopiasRock Paper Shotgun, and wherever she can on the internet. She daydreams about being a professional Street Fighter player. Ask her about the weather on Twitter.

David Leblanc is a writer, editor, and graphic designer based in Montreal. David holds a Master’s in film and media studies; his thesis interrogated the politics of labor in simulators. He tweets irregularly and has published in various academic journals in addition to sites like First Person Scholar and The Film Atlas.