Squad Size II

Squad Size II

Meet our new Managing Editor.

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that we were looking for a Managing Editor to take over some of my duties, and fortunately for us, we didn’t have to search for long. I’m very glad to announce that the incredible Lindsey Joyce, by all accounts the best candidate you could possibly hope for, is now officially a part of our team. I’ve asked her for a few words of introduction. – Joe

I’ve gotten use to introducing myself in the third person for bylines and similar genres, so it feels awkwardly appropriate to switch to the more intimate first person address to introduce myself here at Haywire. Hi, I’m Lindsey. Professionally, there are two things I care deeply about: writing and videogames. I’ve been practicing both for the past 27 years (which, to avoid confusion, means I’m older than that, but we don’t need to get too specific, do we?).  In college, I initially decided to stake out a career in writing. I earned my BA in Professional Writing and Editing and my MA in Composition and Rhetoric.

Following the completion of my MA, I spent a few years directing a National Writing Project site where it was my job to inspire learning through writing. A few years later when the project was cut from the federal budget, I turned my focus to an alternate career path – one that would allow me to work at the intersection of writing and games. Since then, I’ve not only joined a PhD program to research interactive narrative systems, but I’ve been freelancing as an editor and writer with a focus in videogame publications. You can find my work at First Person Scholar, Kill Screen, Critical Distance, and in a forthcoming eBook from Inter-Disciplinary Press. Now, it is my distinct pleasure to join the team at Haywire, where I’m eager to share writerly and editorial insights with others who care deeply about games, writing, or both!

As Managing Editor, it will be my job to work more behind the scenes here at Haywire. Not only will my addition to the team free up our Editor-in-Chief to pursue some new ideas, but it will also allow us to increase the number of feature articles on the site. My first order of business is to grease the wheels on projects already in operation by providing additional technical and editorial support to our hard-working team. Following that, we hope to grow Haywire and introduce some new things to readers in the future!